Accessing GREGoR Data

A How-To for other small companies

One of the inherent difficulties of rare disease research is that it can be tricky to get access to relevant data. Because of this limitation, one of the resources we've been particularly excited about is the GREGoR Consortium, who have worked hard to make their large collection of unique rare disease cases available to researchers. As we went through the process of gaining access to this data, our team realized that the process can be significantly different for a small industry organization compared to a large academic institution. 

We are one of the first (if not the first) startup to access this data, so we wanted to write up the process for others who want to make use of this world-class dataset. 

The timeline below is roughly split into two parts:

Yep, the final issue blocking my access to GREGoR genomes was that my profile picture resolution was too high! A pretty fun end to the saga. 

If you're interested in accessing this data yourself, particularly as a small startup, feel free to contact us! We'd be more than happy to hear what you're working on and see how we can help!

Written by: Jessime Kirk