Frequently Asked Questions

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Is reinterpretation covered by insurance?

Reinterpretation is currently out-of-pocket pay only. We're actively working to get reinterpretation covered.

How much does a the reinterpretation process cost?

There are two tiers of reinterpretation. The basic tier costs $99; the premium tier costs $950. Please contact us to learn more about which tier is right for you. 

How does Lodestar keep my data safe?

Lodestar is fully HIPAA compliant. We only share your data with other organizations who are also HIPAA compliant, and only in line with your consent agreement. 

Who does Lodestar share my data with?

For reinterpretation, we share your data with our HIPAA-compliant interpretation partners. Please contact us for more specific information. 

What rare diseases does Lodestar specialize in?

Lodestar specializes in ultra-rare pediatric diseases. We are reinterpreting cases that may only have a handful of other patients in the world.

What if I still have questions after I receive a report?

Still not finding what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us.

After you receive your report, a clinical geneticist will be available to help you understand your results.