As career-long scientists and engineers who are as passionate about building useful tools as we are pushing the frontiers of science, we're here to help you solve your healthcare and life science business needs.


We've developed and maintained some of the highest volume pipelines in the industry, and can help you with anything from developing novel NGS algorithms to porting your pipelines to new compute environment. 

Data Engineering

We don't just write pipeline scripts, we create world-class software for managing your entire data lifecycle: everything from  customer data ingestion portals to visualization apps to. We make tools customers love. 


Whether your data needs logistic regression or a large language model, we've got you covered. Our team has a foundational understanding of the full breadth of AI approaches and can help you understand your data at any scale.

Drug Discovery

Our cheminformaticians have a wealth of experience in in-silico drug design, QSAR modeling, large library screening, as well as developing and applying novel AI models to many stages in the drug discovery process.