Lodestar finds the answers you're looking for. 

Schedule a consultation.

Fill out a brief form, and we'll have a Zoom or phone conversation to collect the information we need to begin the reinterpretation process. 

Gather patient data.

One of the primary purposes of the consultation is for us to learn more about you or the family member you represent. We'll ask questions related to symptoms, electronic health records, and your diagnostic journey. You'll be able to submit additional information after the conversation as well.

Meet for the consultation.

The consultation has three primary purposes:

Upload additional patient data.

If you need more time to provide us with patient information, we'll wait to begin the reinterpretation. The more information we have about a patient's condition, the more likely it is that we'll find a diagnosis.

Receive your results.  

A diagnostic report, similar to the one you received with the original genomic test, will be returned within ten business days after you have finished providing us with patient data. Your physician will be available to review the results with you. 

Decide on the next steps.  

Regardless of your results, we'll reach out to help you decide which next steps are right for you.